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International Health

Going on a trip outside of our great nation? Do you or your family need traveler’s insurance? Click here for help with international health insurance.

Long-Term Care

60% of individuals over age 65 will eventually require long-term care services. Are you covered? Click here for help with long-term care insurance.


Insure your income against the risk that a disability will create a barrier between your and your work. Click here for help with disability insurance.

Individual Health

Do you need your own insurance plan against the risks of high medical expenses? Click here for help with individual health insurance.

Small Business

Do your employees need health insurance? How about your partners? Click here for help with small business insurance.


Do you need assistance with getting the medicare coverage that you need? Click here for help with medicare insurance.

Life Insurance

Do you, or does someone in your family need life insurance in the case of a disaster? Click here for help with life insurance.

What is the Robeson & Associates difference?

Local :: Located in the coastal/inland area of San Diego, we are your neighbors!
Experience :: Over 34 years of experience in the insurance industry.
Saving You Time :: You need time to do your job. This is our job. Let us do it for you!

“We have worked with James Robeson with Robeson Associates for nearly 6 years. James or Jim as we know him is a trusted friend, advisor and agent for our company; we respect and appreciate his core values. He has always had our best interest in mind and that of our employees. Jim has assisted us in establishing quality, affordable health and dental insurance, disability insurance, life insurance and our 401k retirement plan. Jim is diligent in keeping up with our needs when it comes to insuring our people and monitoring our retirement plan. We can always count on Jim to be there when we need him to act as liaison to answer any questions or get involved with solving any issues as it pertains to our policies. We highly recommend Jim for all of your insurance and retirement planning needs.”
Willie Payne, President
Kathleen Payne, Chief Financial Officer
Payne Pest Management Inc.
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